CBT Testimonies

"Seeing the big pictures of God's heart is really helping me grow."

"I love the dynamics of our class, 'older' and 'younger' both physically and spiritually."

"I enjoyed great discussions and interactions with the group."

"I'm starting to understand some of the doctrine that I was brought up to believe."

"The course has given me the big picture of God - His love, mercy, and pursuit of me."

"This course has brought the Bible to life for me."

"I have had some real victories in a personal way because of the studies."

"The content of the class helped me connect the dots as well as to read Scripture in a new way."

"I can't begin to tell you how that first class has already opened my mind to things that I was not aware of or just simply forgot. The fact that the stories in the Bible are stories about God and how He wants to reconcile me to Himself is deeply moving."

"The course 'Narrative of Redmption' was like sewing a quilt. The random stories I had learned were like a pile of material squares waiting to be sewn together. The class put each story in the time line and filled in the area between until at the end of the semester there was one beautiful story of love, hope, and salvation. Unlike the quilt that is completed, the story is going on today and we are all a part of it."

"CBT has opened my eyes, heart, mind, and ears. My personal relationship with Him has grown in faith and trust so much that I have an image of His hand always behind me to catch me when I fall, hold me when I'm sad, coax me when I'm unsure. My heart is full of gratitude for CBT, but mostly for the Lord's constant unfailing love for me."