Chariots for Hope

Chariots for Hope is an international non-profit organization that provides leadership and operational oversight to a network of 10 Children's Homes in Kenya, East Africa, and currently cares for over 1,000 children across the country. In 2002, Chelten began sending short-term mission teams to Kenya in order to assist and encourage local ministries in the central region of Kenya, including Nairobi, Kijabe, Maai Mahiu, and Suswa. 

Specifically, the teams from Chelten began building a long-term relationship with the Maai Mahiu Children's Home. Over the years this relationship flourished into a truly symbiotic partnership, with Chelten assisting the Children's Home with their community development efforts, and the children and staff of Maai Mahiu opening the eyes of the Chelten trip participants to the power of the gospel in desperate and seemingly hopeless times.

Maai Mahiu is part of a larger network of Children's Homes throughout Kenya, and in 2009 the network became aware that the majority of its funding would be eliminated over the next 18 months. This created a crisis in which many Children's Homes would be forced to close their doors. On behalf of the network of Children's Homes of leadership of Maai Mahiu contacted Chelten, explained the situation, and requested that Chelten intervene and take on the mantle of the responsibility for this network. 

In response, Chelten launched a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, specifically designed to provide funding, leadership, and operational oversight for Maai Mahiu and the overall network of Children's Homes. Thus Chariots for Hope was founded in 2009. 

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Contact info: 
Chariots for Hope 267-815-1067