About CCC

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The Counseling Center at Chelten (CCC) provides spiritual, emotional, relational, and psychological supportive services to individuals, couples, and families in the community at large and within the Chelten congregation from a distinctly biblical & professional perspective.

Our counselors hold advanced degrees in counseling, theology, or psychology and work to combine professional counseling techniques and Scriptural principles as they help others facing life problems.

Our approach is to equip an individual or couple/family with the principles and skills to live life well. Inclusive in counseling help is the directive to live relationally in a group of believers who seek to love God and others. We believe the best method of growth is within a community of a local church with other people and pastoral oversight. Should an individual come with no church home or spiritually significant history; we would consider it our joy to discuss how God can meet the need of your heart.


Limitations of Confidentiality: It is understood (and agreed) that all statements, whether written or verbal, with your counselor are of confidential nature and ethically cannot be disclosed, without written consent, with the following exceptions that will result in confidentiality being waived. 

  1. Suspicion of child/elder abuse - We reserve the right and/or may be mandated by law to report child abuse or suspicion of child/elder abuse of any type to the proper authorities and/or the right to cause a report of child/elder abuse to occur. 
  2. Threats to harm self or others - We reserve the right and/or may be mandated by law to disclose to the appropriate person, agency, or civil authorities any threats of harm that a person may attempt or desire to do to one's self or to others.
  3. Necessity of Supervision/Consultation - To insure the highest quality counseling process, as a rule your counselor will meet with Chelten's Counseling Supervisor (Dr. Penny Freeman, LPC) regarding your session(s). We reserve the right to consult with other counseling professionals (or appropriate pastoral staff if necessary) regarding your sessions. This counsultation will be held in the same level of confidence as your sessions. 
  4. Court orders for client records of counseling.

Phone Intake: Our office administrator has been trained to take basic information from you when you call. Each call is treated confidentially and the information is turned over to the Supervisor Dr. Penny Freeman, LPC who assigns cases. Each counselor here has completed a Master's graduate counseling program, and is completing hours post graduate towards state licensure requirements. All counselors are in weekly supervision with Dr. Freeman. 

Session Duration: Although this may vary from counselor to counselor, a typical session is one hour, which consists of 50 minutes in session and 10 minutes of paper work completion. 

Resolution of Disagreements: If a dispute should arise between the person receiving counseling and the counselor regarding the counseling session or the counselor's advice or conduct, one should bring this dispute to the attention of Dr. Penny Freeman, LPC (or Dr. Bill Smith, Shepherding Pastor). If the dispute cannot be resolved at this level, all parties agree to resolve such dispute by submitting to the Church's Elder Board for full and final resolution and conciliation. If resolution still cannot be found, then a third-party mediator will be sought. 

Counseling Files: All counseling files and their contents belong to The Counseling Center at Chelten (CCC). 

Cancellation Policy: In consideration of our part time counselor's work schedules, the Center will charge $30 for cancellations of less than four hours' notice.