JOC's Men's Apr 5th Breakfast Sign-up

The next Men's Breakfast is April 5th, 8:00am - 9:30 am in Fellowship Hall. The Speaker is Ken Miller, President of Sport Education and Consulting.

By the time April roles around, Spring will be in the aire (we hope!!). Time to start getting outdoors and being active again (unless you count shoveling snow...). Ken Miller will be discussing how we as men should be maintaining these temples that we lives, work, and play in, and howe we can give God glory by the way we eat and exercise. A very important topic for us men—we hope you will attend!

Biographical Sketch

Ken Miller's broad experiences range from working with children in Bolivia to teaching and coaching at Duke University. He has trained athletes with special needs as well as several USA Gymnastics national team members. During his twelve years as an elemtnary physical education teacher, he served as vice president of the New Jersey American Association of Health, PHysical Education, Recreation, and Dance, and was nominated for New Jersey Teacher of the Year. He has been on the national faculties for: 

  • American Sport Education Program (ASEP - Coaching and certification)
  • American Red Cross (Responding to Emergencies, CPR and AED)
  • USA Gymnastics National Safety Certification
  • USA Gymnastics Movement Education Lesson Plan Development
  • Kinder Accreditation for Teachers

Mr. Miller's lecturing and coaching has taken him around the USA as well as Canada, Bolivia, Ireland, Portugal, and Bermuda. He has presented more than 60 timesas conventions for USA Gymnastics Federation as well as US Parks and Recreation Association, and the American ASsociation for Health and Physical Education.


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