Mosaic Support Group

Facilitated by Becky Vasso and Carolyn Ruch

About Becky Vasso

Becky Vasso has her Masters degree in Christian Counseling from Cairn University. She utilizes 10 years of experience with young adults to connect with people who are struggling with identity issues, anxiety, depression, abuse, and relational conflict. Becky also does career counseling and enjoys working with couples to help strengthen their marriages and seek change. She and her husband Rick are the proud parents of a little boy.

About Carolyn Ruch

Carolyn is an author, speaker, lay counselor, and founder of the Rise and Shine Movement (, a ministry to empower adults to protect the innocent from sexual abuse. She has spent the last ten years championing this issue and has received training certificates from some of the leading organizations dedicated to protecting children. Carolyn and her husband, Ken, are the proud (and sometimes frazzled) parents of seven children.

Happening at the Counseling Center at Chelten

  • Mosaic will run for 13 weeks starting in the Fall of 2013 and will resume in the Spring of 2014
  • Mosaic is a support group ministry of the Counseling Center at Chelten.
  • To inquire about joining Mosaic fill out the online inquiry form here or call 215-646-5588