Israel Study Tour

Experience the land and lessons of the Bible!

Are you ready to take a life changing trip? A trip that will open your eyes, so you see Scripture in a whole new way? My wife, Bj, and I are leading a tour to the land of Israel from May 21 to June 1, 2019. Think about traveling with us to see the places where David and Solomon ruled in Jerusalem, where Jesus taught by the Sea of Galilee and much more. This twelve-day trip includes daily adventures and spiritual discoveries that will ground your faith and make the Bible come alive.

The cost for 12 days is $4,800 with a $100 discount if you register before December 1. The itinerary and more information is available at  We will enjoy an excellent guide whom I have used for many years, sample delicious Israeli food, and rest in excellent accommodations. We’ll stay right on the Sea of Galilee, on the Dead Sea, and in the heart of Jerusalem.

We will have a special Israel Tour information meeting on Sunday, November 4, from 10:45-11:45 in Chelten’s Fellowship Hall. Please join us for Q & A and see photos of the places we will visit. You’ll meet others interested in this trip, as well as friends who have previously traveled with us.

If you have questions, please let me know, and Bj or I will be happy to speak with you.

Bill & Bj

Here is what others you know who have traveled with us say about their trip:

  • Our trip with Bill and Bj was informative, insightful, heartwarming, thought provoking, and a blessing beyond measure. You will be forever changed by traveling to Israel with them.

    Michele & David Spruance
  • This awe-inspiring trip took us to where history began, where David and Jesus walked, and culture and politics meet. Don’t miss it!

    Bruce & Barb Dearnley
  • This is a unique opportunity to see and directly experience the Bible and make it come alive. Having the opportunity to walk where Abraham, David, Saul, Isaiah, and all the other prophets and kings of Israel lived and see what they saw when they were alive, helps to pull together the events in the Bible as nothing else can. Nothing can help to bring Jesus as a real person more real than to see where and how he lived.

    Tom Tillett 
  • It was wonderful to see the places I'd read about in the Bible. The battle of David and Goliath came to life as I looked over the area where they fought. Sitting in a fishing boat with first century nets being thrown over the side brought a new dimension to Peter and other apostles, and crawling through a first century tomb made Jesus‘ death and resurrection even more vivid in my mind. These are some of the images I will always have with me.

    Lynn O’Dowd
  • This was the trip of our life time as the Bible came to life in both our minds and our hearts. The real impact of this trip has been experienced since we returned. Whenever we read a portion of Scripture, it is not just words on a page, but pictures of places that we visited are etched in our minds as we relive our trip, remembering again the significance of the events that occurred in Jesus’s life.  The Israel trip is absolutely worth the investment of your time and money. We can personally assure you that you will not regret taking advantage of this special opportunity for your own spiritual development.

    Stan & Nancy Hagberg
  • Overlooking the valley where David defeated Goliath, walking on the Temple Mount, gazing down the Sea of Galilee from where Peter had his home, or sitting in the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed, these are just some of the experiences you will never forget and be reminded of each time you read your Bible.

    Wayne & Nancy Carpenter
  • When I visited the places where Jesus, Moses, Paul and David most likely walked, accounts from the Bible became more real to me.

    Judy Hendrickson
  • Our family had a wonderful experience with our Israel Tour. With Bill Krewson’s scriptural input and our Israeli guide’s perspective, we learned so much.

    Bill & Sharon Lauzus
  • We have traveled to many places internationally:  Australia, China, Egypt, Tahiti, and many countries in Europe, but our trip to Israel was the BEST of all.  How awe-inspiring it was when the pages of the Bible came alive right before our eyes!  There was adventure and historical and cultural education, but what made this trip complete was the spiritual dimension. You must go if you've never been!

    Carol & Paul Rauch