Jake Fairfield - December 29, 2019

The Consolation of Love

The Consolation of Christmas

Have you ever had a case of the Post-Christmas blues? Every year it seems like the Christmas season comes and goes even faster than the year before and we are left looking at "The most wonderful time of the year" in the rear-view mirror. This Sunday we will explore the ultimate demonstration of God's Love, the giving of his Son, and how that love enables us to find hope, faith and peace not only all year long, but into eternity as well!

Scripture References: Isaiah 9:2-7

From Series: "The Consolation of Christmas"

The prophet Isaiah was a messenger of God's consolation. “Comfort, comfort to my people,” he says in Isaiah 40. The prophet announced that the Lord promises to bring unparalleled comfort. For those enslaved by cynicism, he offers hope. For those lost in confusion, he offers faith. For those overwhelmed with sorrow, he offers joy. For those broken and fragmented, he offers peace. For those who wait with hope, faith, joy and peace, he promises Love. Join us this Advent season as we declare the promises of God to a culture that is waiting for consolation.

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