Bill Krewson - January 5, 2020

God's New Humanity

God\'s New Humanity

When the Son of God entered human history, he came to restore what was lost. The second Adam from above fathers a new humanity of those who truly love God with new hearts made alive by their faith in Jesus the Messiah. Like Moses before him, Jesus instructs his disciples about how to live in this restored "upside down” kingdom. Heaven enters earth and begins to turn the world upside down, or better yet, right side up.

Scripture References: Matthew 4:23

From Series: "God's New Humanity"

From the events of his birth and throughout his life, Jesus reshaped the religious and cultural expectations of his day so as to make all of it about himself. He completely turns things on their head—flipped upside down—even for us today. Either this is the bold move of a narcissistic megalomaniac or this is the beginning of a subversive movement of grace that would change the course of history forever. Let's take a closer look at the most famous sermon of all time and see how Jesus inaugurated God's new humanity.

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