Bill Krewson - January 19, 2020

Making a Difference

God\'s New Humanity

When you’re hungry for a tasty meal, doesn’t a little salt make a big difference? Isn’t a flashlight a lifesaver when you need to see in the dark? Jesus uses these two simple metaphors to remind us that as God’s new humanity, we are called to make a difference. This week we will be challenged to draw attention to our God and his kingdom by our good deeds in a world of decay and darkness.

Scripture References: Matthew 5:13-16

From Series: "God's New Humanity"

From the events of his birth and throughout his life, Jesus reshaped the religious and cultural expectations of his day so as to make all of it about himself. He completely turns things on their head—flipped upside down—even for us today. Either this is the bold move of a narcissistic megalomaniac or this is the beginning of a subversive movement of grace that would change the course of history forever. Let's take a closer look at the most famous sermon of all time and see how Jesus inaugurated God's new humanity.

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